Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thick Eyebrows!

I know this seem crazy, why is she blogging about "thick eyebrows?" However, its one of the rave this year and has made a come back. Here's some tips on making your eyebrows stand out.

To get thick eyebrows, you will need to let them grow out, I know the brushy look. However, in the long run you will love how they look. Do not over tweeze or wax them during the grow out process.

Recently, I was introduced to Smashbox Brow Tech To Go and fell in love with how amazing my brows looked after using. Brow Tech has two functions:

1. Pencil to fill and define your brows
2. Gel to hold brows in place after grooming

Pro: This is a great product to make your eyebrows look amazing and well groomed.
Con: The price
Sold at Sephora, Ulta, and

Here's another way to get the a sassy appeal as the product above but a cheaper version.

1. A matte eyeshadow or pencil that matches your eyebrows - I like the eyeshadow better because it looks more natural than pencil. Again, remember what we were thought as kids about coloring, stay in the lines, same thing applies here. Make sure to blend well.
2. Angle brush

Lily Collins has beautiful eyebrows and you can too!! :)


  1. A great way to get a thicker brow and enhance the grow-out process is Neubrow. You can find info on it at My brows were thin and I was always penciling. Growing them out wasn’t an option. Not anymore!